Huawei Matebook

Powered by the 11th generation Intel H series processor, the Huawei MateBook 14s exceeds expectations in terms of performance. The device, which comes with two different processor options, i7-11370H and i5-11300H, comes with 16 GB LPDDR4x dual channel RAM. On the storage side, there are 512 GB and 1 TB NVMe PCIe SSD options.
Another striking feature of the 14s model, the newest member of the MateBook family, is that the camera has been moved to the screen.

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In other MateBook models, the camera is located on the keyboard, while in the new model it is positioned on the screen. It is also worth remembering that the camera is unfortunately 720p.
The model, which comes with a 14.2 inch LTPS touch screen, has 90Hz support. The screen of the device, which offers a resolution of 2520 x 1680 pixels, has been developed as 10-point multi-touch sensitive. Thanks to the Shark double fan system and S-shaped fan blades, the device, which has 25 percent more air intake, is assertive about the cooling system.

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Coming with a 60Wh Lithium polymer battery and 90W fast charging adapter, MateBook 14s features 802.11a/b/g/n/ac/ax and Bluetooth 5.1 technologies. In addition, the model, which comes with Type-C with 2 DisplayPorts, 1 USB3.2 Gen1 and 1 3.5 mm jack input, has a power button with fingerprint reader. Netflix’s popular Korean series Squid Game has its place in almost every field. One of them is cryptocurrencies. The SQUID coded coin, which was inspired by the series but has no official connection, stepped into the crypto industry at the level of 0.012.

Influenced by the popularity of Squid Game in the world and increasing in value day by day, the cryptocurrency shocked its investors. According to CoinMarketCap data, SQUID coin, which was traded at $ 51 at around 09:20 today, suddenly approached $ 3 thousand at noon. However, this rise did not last long. The SQUID cryptocurrency was trading at $2,856 at 12:35 noon today. Just 5 minutes later, at 12:40 p.m., it suddenly dropped to $0.0007926. The crypto currency, whose identity is unknown, has experienced a 99 percent drop, shocking its investors.

The market value of the Squid Game (SQUID) cryptocurrency was also affected by this drop. The coin, which rose to approximately $ 30 billion, experienced a record loss and fell to $ 2 million. According to data from CoinMarketCap, the current market value of the coin is at $1,980,426. It still continues its downward trend. We have received numerous reports that the website and social media accounts are no longer available and users are unable to sell this token on Pancakeswap. Please do your own due diligence and be extremely careful. While this project is clearly inspired by the Netflix series of the same name, it has no official connection.


The website of the Squid Game (SQUID) cryptocurrency,, is currently down. When users try to access the site, they encounter the error “This site cannot be reached”. On the other hand, the social media accounts of the project are also not working. No sound comes out of the developers.

The richest person in the world, Elon Musk, continues to resonate in the cryptocurrency world with every post he makes. The famous billionaire, who previously caused his rise by tweeting about Dogecoin, is followed by many for investment advice.

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For this reason, Musk came to the fore when he shared a photo of his Shiba Inu dog named Floki on Twitter in early October. After this sharing, the coin named SHIBA INU (SHIB) suddenly rose by 400 percent. For this reason, SHIB has been on the agenda in the crypto money world recently. Former consultant of the US National Security Agency, Edward Snowden, tweeted about the rapidly rising SHIB in the crypto money world. A reporter from Reuters, Joel Schectman, responded to the content that also touched on Dogecoin. Ashlee Vance quoted the footage of the tweet series as “a three-act comedy.” Elon Musk responded to this comment with a smiley face emoji. According to Edward Snowden, it is a little difficult for the coin named SHIB to make people rich. The former advisor shared his view in another tweet in Flood. Snowden said people are free to take whatever trash they want and he doesn’t mind it. However, he stated that the logic of people being emotionally manipulated and mortgaging all their savings does not accept.
SHIB has suddenly become everyone’s favorite with the huge increase in the last period. The coin, which was released as ethereum-based in August 2020, was named DOGE Killer. It went up with the tweet of Musk, who is known to have a significant impact in the Bitcoin world. What made the event interesting was that Elon Musk did not tweet directly about SHIB. The markets were active when he tweeted that he only bought a Shiba Inu dog. The status of the coin named SHIB in the coming days is a matter of curiosity by many.


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A California-based company called Gritstone has developed a new coronavirus vaccine called “GRT-R910”. This vaccine, which has a similar structure to mRNA vaccines, provides protection against all variants by developing itself in the body. Experts think that the vaccine may be the definitive solution to end the epidemic.

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While the world’s fight against the coronavirus epidemic continues, there has been a development that will be talked about a lot in the USA. A company called Gritstone, which has started to be supported by the US National Institute of Health, announced that it has developed a new coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine named “GRT-R910”, which uses a similar production technique of mRNA-based vaccines, draws attention with its protectiveness against all variants.

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The COVID-19 vaccine produced by Gritstone develops on its own after being injected into the body. This provides immunity against possible coronavirus variants. The scientists behind the vaccine state that GRT-R910, which is more effective than mRNA vaccines at much lower doses, has also reduced the possibility of side effects thanks to this feature. According to experts, the new vaccine developed is a much more advanced version of the vaccines developed by companies such as Moderna or BioNTech.

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Gritstone officials explained that crypto apps are the vaccine was administered to 20 people aged 60 and over and they are working to analyze the results, while company CEO Dr. Andrew Allen added, “It will make a much bigger contribution than an extra vaccine from the same vaccine brand.” said. Stating that the vaccine, which is also very affordable in terms of cost, does not need advanced systems, scientists state that GRT-R910 can be produced even in hospitals. Moreover, if the coronavirus ends and another virus outbreak occurs, a vaccine can be developed for the new epidemic with the technique of GRT-R910.

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The vaccine, which excites the scientific world and is thought to be the definitive solution against the epidemic, still needs to be tested for a long time before it can be applied. However, considering that there will be no problems with the theoretical examinations, it seems that this process can be accelerated. Perhaps Gritstone’s COVID-19 vaccine will be a life saver for all epidemics from now on…

The Wall Street Journal announced that Apple has developed a new feature for its Health app. This feature, which includes some universities in the USA and a pharmaceutical company, will be able to analyze the user’s data and detect health problems such as depression, anxiety or anxiety disorder.

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US-based technology giant Apple seems to be trying to develop a new feature for iPhones. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Apple wants to use this feature to detect and inform the user that iPhone owners are experiencing conditions such as depression, cognitive and anxiety disorders, or anxiety. So how will this happen?

The new feature Apple is working on includes analyzing an iPhone owner’s facial expressions, walking speed, how he speaks, heart and respiratory measurement values, and data on sleep duration and quality. In addition, the company wants to try to understand whether the user has a psychological problem by evaluating the typos and typing speeds of the users.

Apple developed the new feature, which it is working on to detect health problems of users, together with state universities in California and Los Angeles and the pharmaceutical company Biogen. In other words, there are important scientists of the USA behind the project. However, this feature, as you can imagine, led to a discussion that Apple would monitor user data. However, people familiar with the subject state that the new feature that Apple is working on will not send data to the servers, all operations will be performed by the iPhone, thus protecting user privacy and security.

The new feature that Apple is working on is codenamed “Seabreeze”. The company will test Seabreeze with an agreement with 3,000 users. The scope of the studies to be started this year is planned to be increased to 20 thousand people through Biogen next year. Sources providing information to The Wall Street Journal state that Jeff Williams, who is responsible for Apple’s Health application, is very enthusiastic about this feature, and that very passionate and enthusiastic statements were made at the meetings held at the company.


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Legend has it that Agnes, a young saint, was left naked on the roof of a brothel to renounce her faith, but her hair grew quickly, helping the saint maintain her chastity. As you can guess, this church was built by dedicating to St. Agnes.

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Although another architect worked in the first phase of the church, which was built by Pope Innocent X, the structure was completed by Borromini. The most remarkable artifacts that can be seen here are the statue of Azize on the front and the remains of some arches of the old stadium.
The most striking part of the fountain, made by Bernini, is the statue of the sea god Moor in the middle. The construction of the fountain dates back to 1653.
The Braschi Palace, which hosts the Roman Museum today, is actually quite different from the other structures in Navona Square. There is an abundance of Baroque and Renaissance style buildings in the square, so Braschi’s neoclassical style is clearly recognizable.

The building that we see today as the Braschi Palace was built for the Braschi Family by the architect Cosimo Morelli. Today, a rich art collection is on display as the Roman Museum.
Since it was difficult to criticize political leaders and popes by the public during the Renaissance, the Romans found an interesting method. It is like making their voices heard by politicians by wearing plates on the necks of some statues called Talking Sculptures, on which complaints and wishes are written. Pasquino is the most famous of these talking statues.

Brought to Navona Square in 1501, the faceless and armless statue has long been the voice of the Roman people, with ironic poems and complaints written on plates hanging around its neck.

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In the Navona Square article, I talked about the touristic buildings in the square. However, when you go out to the streets and side streets surrounding the square, you will encounter countless historical buildings.

Nuova Church from the 16th century, the German church Santa Maria dell’Anima in Rome, Madama Palace where the Italian Senate met, Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza Church designed by Borromini in 1642, Massimo alle Colonne Palace with its unique columns are just a few of them. .
I mentioned at the beginning of the article that Navona Square is between the Pantheon and Campo dei Fiori. Therefore, if you are staying in a place in Ancient Rome, you can walk to the square in 10-15 minutes, even from the furthest point of this region.

Getting to Navona Square from Termini Train Station or around the Colosseum can take about half an hour on foot. Likewise, walking from the Vatican takes around 15-20 minutes.

If you need public transportation:

From the Colosseum by Metro line B or bus 87,
By bus number 492 from Barberini Square, You can reach Navona Square by bus number 70 from Termini Train Station.
Where to stay in Rome to see accommodation options in and around Navona Square, and even more anywhere in Rome, get an idea of ​​places to stay in the city, and even learn about affordable hotel options? You can read our article.

The best title for the words “Sports” and “Health“, which create a unique harmony when side by side, must be “Healthy Sports”. There are

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countless people around us who do sports or want to start sports, but if you ask why these people do sports, you are likely to get various answers.

I meet each member who comes to our gym one by one. After classical questions such as name, surname, etc., I also learn special information such as sports history, disability status and ask why they came to sports. The answers I got are as follows: I’m here to be healthy and fit
It is a pity that a society that does not accept being healthy as a criterion will also enter the list of countries that consume the most drugs in the world and will be addicted to many chronic diseases. In addition, the weight lost only with diets or miracle pills will return in the long run, and we, who were very healthy before, will fall into the class of a little healthy or sick.

Therefore, if sports have become a lifestyle for you, you cannot give up on wearing sports clothes. So, what should be considered when buying sports clothes and how to choose sports products? Here in this article, we will give you some advice on the clothes you should wear while doing sports and how you should buy sports clothes for you, dear readers.

Your shoes should make you comfortable. You should never choose a small product or a tight shoe on our feet. We recommend that you choose a quality product that allows your feet to move. The product you choose for you must be a quality piece. You can find more info here: Shopping
We do not recommend choosing thick products. You should use products that will allow our body to breathe. Thick clothes can get in your way.


We also recommend that you choose lower parts that will allow you to move comfortably while running or walking. You should be able to bend your knees comfortably. Therefore, leggings or shorts may be a sensible choice


Bought house with Bitcoin

Today, cryptocurrencies have started to invade each component of our lives. despite the fact that  we’re  nevertheless  shopping  with  bodily  currencies, severa structures let you save with cryptocurrencies. there are many examples in our us of a. here
In line with the declaration made by using  Antalya  houses  real  property company, it become suggested that the most costly house sale made with Bitcoin in Turkey up to now. The price for a villa worth 1 million 250 thousand dollars was made with Bitcoin. Navona Trains
Antalya homes enterprise is understood for selling homes remotely via a method referred to as TeleProperty. The exterior of the residence to be visited is proven to the consumer with a drone. The indoors may be visited in 360 levels. The sale is completed after the dealers and shoppers make the final bargain with the video call.
Antalya houses has been the usage of crypto charge methods when you consider that 2018. besides Bitcoin, it additionally accepts BitcoinCash (BCH), XRP, Litecoin (LTC), Tether USD (USDT), Ethereum (ETH) and Stellar Lumens (XLM) as price methods.



these days, collectively with you, our valued readers, we are able to analyze the altcoin  tips  2021  information  from seriously  researched  funding experts. As it’s miles recognised, there are very serious actions in our united states of america’s marketplace concerning crypto  forex  exchanges technology. despite the fact that we appear to be in a stricken length as the financial system, a massive portion of investors keep to shift all their money to digital currencies.
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