REVAN was an important commercial center of the Ottomans at that
time. But once it got out of hand, the Safavids occupied it. The year is 1635. Murat IV
organized the REVAN expedition with an army of two hundred and fifty thousand. After
eight months and twenty-nine days of siege, REVAN rejoined the Ottoman lands. Caravans

came and went as before. They took and brought goods… Memet is one of the caravans who
go and go… His mother’s only “honeymoon”… His only son!. They cultivate and plant their
three-five-decare field in the Erzurum region… Memet also adds the product they grow to
the caravan and sells it in REVAN… Memet is also Memet… A young man from Karayagiz… He
is strong enough to take out the water if he holds the stone. Memet also has a habit. Every


evening, when he returns from the field, he brings to his mother a bunch of roses he has
collected from the gardens. A red rose bouquet is like a symbol between mother and son… A
symbol of love and respect. The mother hangs the roses on the wall of her house and dries
them… The more she looks at them, the more she seems to see her son… Especially if
Memet is in the caravan. Your mother’s eyes and hearts are in the dried, ghazalized bunch of
red roses. Her dreams are always about Memet… REVAN always dreams of her ways.


Sometimes he sees the caravan stuck in the land. Kanter wakes up inside. he’s trying to get
tired. On some nights, he dreams of the caravan, his horse, his donkey, his camel getting lost
in a cloud of dust. A tornado swallows the caravan. The big caravan is being pulled to the
sky, turning around. What a horse behind Sometimes his son, who was released in the
winter, returns in the summer. Sometimes the opposite happens. The return of the caravan

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is like a feast! Some greet their husbands, some greet their children. Some mothers also
their son. Those who hug, cry, shed tears of joy. It’s like returning from a Yemen expedition.
Although not the return of war, but; he has a disease and health… He has a wife, he has
frost!. And the rumor of an epidemic spread. The plague is wreaking havoc. First, a fire
surrounds the body. Vomiting, inflammation, dizziness. Finally, the deliberation. There is no
salvation anymore. It takes people into a delirium. Three days at the earliest. The delirium
begins within seven days at the latest… The whole world that man has built disappears in an

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instant. Longing for the lover, gifts received. Nice words to say. “I can’t be without you. You
are my Everything. I start the day with you. My night ends with you. You said we shouldn’t
waste time. However, the days passed like water. What a sound; what a breath Except for
the place in dreams. However, we would start all over again with you. We said so. ”Life is so
short; I don’t want to waste any time to be with you”. You said this. Your warmth was in my
palms. Was it a secluded alley? Or were the lovers on their way? Only your eyes remain in
my memory. And the endless songs of the birds. How beautifully the sun had set. The

moment when the twilight turns into twilight. Was it the gradual disappearance of the
evening sun that was beautiful? Or was it the most beautiful moment when the twilight
turned into twilight happiness? Did your hair smell of spring? Or was it really spring days?
That’s it, dear. I am far from you now. I’m counting you. If only I could hold your hands again.
If your strands of hair touch my face. But what the hell!. You said you like to disappear from
the nooks and crannies. You suddenly disappear from my dreams. My hands are free. And
why is my mother’s hiccups? If only he could hold my outstretched hands! I’m on fire. I hum
the folk songs I know; In your absence, they bury Memet under a bush. They cover the
words to be said with their longing for their lover and mother. He takes the black earth to his
bosom. He was young… He had loved ones…


Horror movies

You can watch horror movies for fun, but although the genre of the movies on this list is mainly horror, it is unlikely that you will enjoy watching them, unless you are a sociopath.
Flowing blood, severed heads, severed wrists, etc. While watching these movies with intense scenes, your heart palpitations will increase and your psychology will tend to deteriorate. That’s why we invite you to think twice before clicking the images in the content.

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If you are under the age of 18 or someone who can watch torture scenes, it would be useful to stay away from the films on this list. In particular, we recommend that you consider the “irritating level”.

Disturbing movies that will strain your psyche:
I Spit on Your Grave (I Spit on Your Grave)
Hotel (Hostel)
Inside (À l’intérieur)
Torture Chamber (Martyrs)
Salo or 120 Days of Sodom (Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma)
The Human Centipede
Night and Fog (Nuit et brouillard)
Cannibal Torture (Cannibal Holocaust)
Faces of Death
A Serbian Film (Srpski Film)

A movie that makes you want to punch the walls with anger: I Spit on Your Grave
A young woman is brutally abused and raped by a group of men. You can’t help but close your eyes as they reflect these scenes on the screen in a stunning way. When the woman tries to take revenge later, this time you start watching without blinking.

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It is not easy to watch the torture scenes of “Hotel (Hostel)”, which later turned into a series.
Going on a trip to Eastern Europe, two young people fall into a trap by falling for beautiful and attractive women. Then, brutality and blood-filled events begin. Even those who like gore productions will be annoyed.

In “Inside (À l’intérieur),” the French film pushes the boundaries of disgust. A masterpiece for those who want to see a lot of blood.
A pregnant woman is troubled by a mysterious woman. This dangerous woman trying to enter the house will give the pregnant woman a great difficulty. You see how the urge to survive turns humans into wild creatures.

Cut wrists, flayed skins, bloodshed and more: Torture Chamber (Martyrs)
A 10-year-old girl, who is understood to have been tortured, is taken to the hospital. 15 years later, when She knocks on a family’s door, she realizes that the person in front of her was the one who tortured her.

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From films banned in several countries: Salo or 120 Days of Sodom (Salò o le 120 giornate di Sodoma)
Set in the Fascist Republic of Salo in 1944, the film features a group of young people who are sexually tortured for a long time in a castle.

Creating a giant centipede by uniting people… The project of a man who has gone mad: The Human Centipede
A surgeon, once known for his success in separating Siamese twins, sets out to test his sickly fantasies on people he holds captive. In the sequels, the centipede gets even longer.

Real footage of the Nazi holocaust: Night and Fog (Nuit et brouillard)
The people you will see in this short documentary have neither effects nor make-up on them. You feel ashamed of your humanity when you watch the victims whose ribs are so weak that they can be counted.

Lawsuits have been filed against the producers, claiming that the deaths in “Cannibal Holocaust” were real. You’ll think it’s real when you watch it.
A group of documentary crew who want to film a tribe find themselves surrounded by cannibals. It is never recommended to watch if you have heart palpitations.

The reason this movie is so disturbing is because it’s totally real: Faces of Death
There are terrible events in life, somewhere, and even the fictional stories in the movies can not come close to them. This movie will remind you of that.

You will think that the people who made this movie are psychopaths: A Serbian Movie (Srpski Film)
Combining sexuality and violence at its most exaggerated, this movie was banned in many countries. 99% of viewers can’t watch it all.


mRNA Vaccine

A California-based company called Gritstone has developed a new coronavirus vaccine called “GRT-R910”. This vaccine, which has a similar structure to mRNA vaccines, provides protection against all variants by developing itself in the body. Experts think that the vaccine may be the definitive solution to end the epidemic.

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While the world’s fight against the coronavirus epidemic continues, there has been a development that will be talked about a lot in the USA. A company called Gritstone, which has started to be supported by the US National Institute of Health, announced that it has developed a new coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine named “GRT-R910”, which uses a similar production technique of mRNA-based vaccines, draws attention with its protectiveness against all variants.

The COVID-19 vaccine produced by Gritstone develops on its own after being injected into the body. This provides immunity against possible coronavirus variants. The scientists behind the vaccine state that GRT-R910, which is more effective than mRNA vaccines at much lower doses, has also reduced the possibility of side effects thanks to this feature. According to experts, the new vaccine developed is a much more advanced version of the vaccines developed by companies such as Moderna or BioNTech.

Gritstone officials explained that the vaccine was administered to 20 people aged 60 and over and they are working to analyze the results, while company CEO Dr. Andrew Allen added, “It will make a much bigger contribution than an extra vaccine from the same vaccine brand.” said. Stating that the vaccine, which is also very affordable in terms of cost, does not need advanced systems, scientists state that GRT-R910 can be produced even in hospitals. Moreover, if the coronavirus ends and another virus outbreak occurs, a vaccine can be developed for the new epidemic with the technique of GRT-R910.

The vaccine, which excites the scientific world and is thought to be the definitive solution against the epidemic, still needs to be tested for a long time before it can be applied. However, considering that there will be no problems with the theoretical examinations, it seems that this process can be accelerated. Perhaps Gritstone’s COVID-19 vaccine will be a life saver for all epidemics from now on…

The Wall Street Journal announced that Apple has developed a new feature for its Health app. This feature, which includes some universities in the USA and a pharmaceutical company, will be able to analyze the user’s data and detect health problems such as depression, anxiety or anxiety disorder.
US-based technology giant Apple seems to be trying to develop a new feature for iPhones. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Apple wants to use this feature to detect and inform the user that iPhone owners are experiencing conditions such as depression, cognitive and anxiety disorders, or anxiety. So how will this happen?

The new feature Apple is working on includes analyzing an iPhone owner’s facial expressions, walking speed, how he speaks, heart and respiratory measurement values, and data on sleep duration and quality. In addition, the company wants to try to understand whether the user has a psychological problem by evaluating the typos and typing speeds of the users.

Apple developed the new feature, which it is working on to detect health problems of users, together with state universities in California and Los Angeles and the pharmaceutical company Biogen. In other words, there are important scientists of the USA behind the project. However, this feature, as you can imagine, led to a discussion that Apple would monitor user data. However, people familiar with the subject state that the new feature that Apple is working on will not send data to the servers, all operations will be performed by the iPhone, thus protecting user privacy and security.

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The new feature that Apple is working on is codenamed “Seabreeze”. The company will test Seabreeze with an agreement with 3,000 users. The scope of the studies to be started this year is planned to be increased to 20 thousand people through Biogen next year. Sources providing information to The Wall Street Journal state that Jeff Williams, who is responsible for Apple’s Health application, is very enthusiastic about this feature, and that very passionate and enthusiastic statements were made at the meetings held at the company.


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On September 13, a celestial body struck with a faint emission observable from Earth. You’ve earned a lot of value on YouTube, in the battle of an amateur observer to notice. The European Space Agency makes a statement about the race on Twitter.
A remarkable event was observed in the last Solar System. An amateur observer is experiencing a major event that hit Jupiter, the largest in our system. The crash was videotaped and uploaded to YouTube. Antigua chiama Italia

Thanks to the success of Luis Pereira, who made space as an amateur, hundreds of people watched. In the video, it can be clearly seen that the cause of the object hitting Jupiter can be seen. The Brazilian observer, who captures this event, which happens less than 100 times a year, says he told it.

The number of Earth celestial bodies that are light enough to hit Jupiter and be seen is seen 20 to 60 times. So it’s not impossible for a monk to make it impossible, but it’s difficult. Observer Lu Per Curtain, who sprinkled on the first-rate event, said, “Because of an event like this for years. Struggling on September 13 was either too fast or too big, judging by the scattering. But this event was purely professional. No trace of the object caused by the planet was found in the Jupiter photographs obtained.
Thibaut Humbert, Alexis Desmougin, Didier Walliang and Stéphane Barré from Société Lorraine d’Astronomie were among those who recorded this meeting. The European Space Agency, along with the video, tweeted after the event on Twitter: “Light on Jupiter! Is there anyone at home? There is not much information about the multiplier yet. But it is likely to be large and/or fast.” Covid Vaccine

In the Mediterranean, fishermen found a shark species in their dog. It was determined that there was a shark named “Oxynotus centrina”, known as fish, in some ports of the scientist, which was detected on the Italian island of Elba.
On the Italian island of Elba, Mediterranean fishermen explore a sea nature that resembles a shark with its fins and a pig with its face. The flat small, wide eyes and pinkish snout are called the stingray fish. It is most commonly described as builer, which makes similar grunts when hit from the water.

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Yuri Tiber of the Elba Aquarium says of the fish that was discovered, “This fish, often called the ‘porkfish’, is used as it starts grumbling out of the water.” Before talking about the fishing net, it is first told in the shark, being carried in the water, dead. “The reason the Mediterranean Union is seeing these sharks is because the sharks are dying,” said the International Conservation of Nature. Such red endangerments say “vulnerable” at the location of the species as “vulnerable”.

Last year, scientists found a skinless and toothless shark species in the Mediterranean again. This species, whose Latin name is Galeus melastomus, is also known as the spotted catfish. It feeds on netless, cephalopods and small bony fish. Caught at a depth of 500 meters off Cape Carbonara, this species reaches a length of 302 millimeters and a mass of 82.7 grams.

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Yuri Tiber of the Elba Aquarium says of the fish that was discovered, “This fish, often called the ‘porkfish’, is used as it starts grumbling out of the water.” Before talking about the fishing net, it is told first in the shark, being carried in the water, dead. “The reason the Mediterranean Union is seeing these sharks is because the sharks are dying,” said the International Conservation of Nature. Such red endangerments say “vulnerable” at the location of the species as “vulnerable”.