Story of “the girl”

The girl said, “Go, I’m going to get out of bed now, I’m going to cook soup for the old
man. I will feed the beautiful chicken, the beautiful rooster, and the beautiful mottled cow.”
The girl thought the old man was getting up. She looked at his bed. But she was a strange man
lying on the bed instead of the old man, she. Looking closely, she saw that this man was both
young and beautiful. The man is awake. “I am a prince,” he said, sitting up in bed, and an evil

witch disguised me as a white-haired old man with a white beard and forced me to live in the
forest. No one could come to me except three servants dressed as a chicken, a rooster, and a
mottled cow. To return to my old state, not only to people; A pure-hearted girl who also likes
to do good to animals had to come to me. This girl is you. The witch’s talisman was broken
with your help tonight at midnight. The old forest hut has become my palace again.” When
she got out of bed, the prince sent his three servants to the girl’s parents. He invited them to
the wedding. Meanwhile, the girl asked, “But where are my other sisters?” she asked. The boy


replied: “I locked them in the cellar. In the morning they will be taken to the forest. Until they
correct their bad habits and do not starve the poor animals, they will serve a coal miner! Once
upon a time there was a rich merchant. Two of the daughters of this merchant, who had three
daughters, were extremely selfish. But the third, whose name is Beautiful, was both good and
loving. One day, the merchant got word that their ship had sunk in a severe storm. The poor
man lost everything he had, and all that was left was his little house in the town. The two
greedy brothers did not like this at all. They just lie in bed and do nothing but sigh and puff.
All the work in the house is left to Güzel. After a while, the merchant heard that one of his
lost ships had reached the port. Before he set off to find out if the news was true, he asked his
daughters, “What present should I bring you on my return?” The joy of the two greedy

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brothers was immediately restored. “Dresses and jewellery!” They said we want. “How about
you Beautiful?” asked the merchant. “A rose. That’s enough for me,” said Guzel. A few days
later the merchant set out sadly to return to his home. He was poor again, because he lost his
money from the last ship to swindlers. As dusk fell, he came to a forest. The forest was dark
and cold. Lightning flashed, the wind was blowing snow from the ground. The howling of
wolves could be heard in the distance. The merchant, not knowing where he was going, rode
for hours on the snow with his horse, and then suddenly he saw a very beautiful castle with
bright lights coming out of its windows. But it was a very strange castle, because although
there was a fire burning in their fireplaces and all the rooms were bright as day, there was no
one around. The merchant called, called, and did not respond. Finally, realizing that there was
no point in waiting, he tied his horse to the stable and He ate the food that was waiting on the
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long table. Then he went to bed and slept. When he awoke in the morning, he found new
clothes left for him by his side. A delicious breakfast awaited him downstairs. “This castle
must have belonged to a kind fairy who took pity on me,” said the merchant. “I wish I could
thank him.” As the merchant was leaving the castle, he noticed the roses in the garden. “If not,
let me fulfill the promise I made to Güzel,” he said to himself. He plucked one of the roses.
But as soon as I plucked it, it groaned with a terrific roar. A scary-looking monster emerged
from behind the bushes. It was so terrifying that the merchant nearly fainted from fear. “You
undervalued man!” roared the Beast. “I saved your life! I fed you, I clothed you! You are
stealing my beautiful roses. You deserved to die immediately!” The Merchant knelt before the

Beast. “I was going to take the rose to one of my daughters, sir,” she said. “I am no Master, I
am a Beast,” the creature growled. Then it was planted on top of the merchant. “As for those
precious daughters… Go and ask them, will one of them come and live with me in exchange
for your life? If no one accepts my offer, you will die in three months.” The trader sadly rode
back home through the sunlit forest.


Shopping during corona

A California-based company called Gritstone has developed a new coronavirus vaccine called “GRT-R910”. This vaccine, which has a similar structure to mRNA vaccines, provides protection against all variants by developing itself in the body. Experts think that the vaccine may be the definitive solution to end the epidemic.

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While the world’s fight against the coronavirus epidemic continues, there has been a development that will be talked about a lot in the USA. A company called Gritstone, which has started to be supported by the US National Institute of Health, announced that it has developed a new coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine named “GRT-R910”, which uses a similar production technique of mRNA-based vaccines, draws attention with its protectiveness against all variants.

The COVID-19 vaccine produced by Gritstone develops on its own after being injected into the body. This provides immunity against possible coronavirus variants. The scientists behind the vaccine state that GRT-R910, which is more effective than mRNA vaccines at much lower doses, has also reduced the possibility of side effects thanks to this feature. According to experts, the new vaccine developed is a much more advanced version of the vaccines developed by companies such as Moderna or BioNTech.

Gritstone officials explained that the vaccine was administered to 20 people aged 60 and over and they are working to analyze the results, while company CEO Dr. Andrew Allen added, “It will make a much bigger contribution than an extra vaccine from the same vaccine brand.” said. Stating that the vaccine, which is also very affordable in terms of cost, does not need advanced systems, scientists state that GRT-R910 can be produced even in hospitals. Moreover, if the coronavirus ends and another virus outbreak occurs, a vaccine can be developed for the new epidemic with the technique of GRT-R910.

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The vaccine, which excites the scientific world and is thought to be the definitive solution against the epidemic, still needs to be tested for a long time before it can be applied. However, considering that there will be no problems with the theoretical examinations, it seems that this process can be accelerated. Perhaps Gritstone’s COVID-19 vaccine will be a life saver for all epidemics from now on…

The Wall Street Journal announced that Apple has developed a new feature for its Health app. This feature, which includes some universities in the USA and a pharmaceutical company, will be able to analyze the user’s data and detect health problems such as depression, anxiety or anxiety disorder.
US-based technology giant Apple seems to be trying to develop a new feature for iPhones. According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, Apple wants to use this feature to detect and inform the user that iPhone owners are experiencing conditions such as depression, cognitive and anxiety disorders, or anxiety. So how will this happen?

The new feature Apple is working on includes analyzing an iPhone owner’s facial expressions, walking speed, how he speaks, heart and respiratory measurement values, and data on sleep duration and quality. In addition, the company wants to try to understand whether the user has a psychological problem by evaluating the typos and typing speeds of the users.

Apple developed the new feature, which it is working on to detect health problems of users, together with state universities in California and Los Angeles and the pharmaceutical company Biogen. In other words, there are important scientists of the USA behind the project. However, this feature, as you can imagine, led to a discussion that Apple would monitor user data. However, people familiar with the subject state that the new feature that Apple is working on will not send data to the servers, all operations will be performed by the iPhone, thus protecting user privacy and security.

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The new feature that Apple is working on is codenamed “Seabreeze”. The company will test Seabreeze with an agreement with 3,000 users. The scope of the studies to be started this year is planned to be increased to 20 thousand people through Biogen next year. Sources providing information to The Wall Street Journal state that Jeff Williams, who is responsible for Apple’s Health application, is very enthusiastic about this feature, and that very passionate and enthusiastic statements were made at the meetings held at the company.


Safety for online shopping

Research shows that in order for a potential customer to turn into an allegiant buyer, it is consequential that the e-commerce company that he will shop online is as safe as the product variety. In other words, he requires to feel that only the amplitude of the transaction will be deducted from his card in order to enable him to shop online with his debit card, that the product he has injuctively authorized will be distributed without any quandaries, and that his card information will be safe in the future.
In order for a visitor to shop from any e-commerce company, it is compulsory to enter that site 4 times on average. These visits to review the product, search for homogeneous products, evaluate facile payment options, and ascertain security become more frequent as the site’s vigilance and credibility increases. In the next shopping, the shopping process is carried out with 1 or 2 visits and the buyer turns into an allegiant customer. So what do you require to have in order to engender this perception of security and forfend both the customer and the e-commerce company? trellising net
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Developed by Netscape in 1996 and expeditiously utilized by all browsers, SSL Certificate is simply a kind of encryption system. When you enter your credit card information to the e-commerce company while shopping online, if the company has an SSL certificate, it transfers your card information to the bank via a special encryption method. This encryption can only be deciphered by your bank, and the information is sent from your bank to the company after being encrypted in order to perform the transaction. Thus, while shopping online with credit and debit cards, your information is obviated from being utilized in deplorable faith by third parties. While your card information can be replicated through the POS machine in traditional shopping, your information is safe with this method. Moreover, it is very facile to understand that an e-commerce company has an SSL Certificate.
When you enter the page of an e-commerce company, there is the text https:// at the commencement of the address line. If this text is green, it signifies that the site has an SSL certificate. On sites where this certificate is not available, if the https:// text is not green and there is a line over it, that site is not secure. Ascertain that the text https:// is green on the payment page or on the domicile page.