REVAN was an important commercial center of the Ottomans at that
time. But once it got out of hand, the Safavids occupied it. The year is 1635. Murat IV

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organized the REVAN expedition with an army of two hundred and fifty thousand. After
eight months and twenty-nine days of siege, REVAN rejoined the Ottoman lands. Caravans

came and went as before. They took and brought goods… Memet is one of the caravans who
go and go… His mother’s only “honeymoon”… His only son!. They cultivate and plant their

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three-five-decare field in the Erzurum region… Memet also adds the product they grow to
the caravan and sells it in REVAN… Memet is also Memet… A young man from Karayagiz… He
is strong enough to take out the water if he holds the stone. Memet also has a habit. Every

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evening, when he returns from the field, he brings to his mother a bunch of roses he has
collected from the gardens. A red rose bouquet is like a symbol between mother and son… A
symbol of love and respect. The mother hangs the roses on the wall of her house and dries
them… The more she looks at them, the more she seems to see her son… Especially if

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Memet is in the caravan. Your mother’s eyes and hearts are in the dried, ghazalized bunch of
red roses. Her dreams are always about Memet… REVAN always dreams of her ways.

Sometimes he sees the caravan stuck in the land. Kanter wakes up inside. he’s trying to get

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tired. On some nights, he dreams of the caravan, his horse, his donkey, his camel getting lost
in a cloud of dust. A tornado swallows the caravan. The big caravan is being pulled to the
sky, turning around. What a horse behind Sometimes his son, who was released in the
winter, returns in the summer. Sometimes the opposite happens. The return of the caravan
is like a feast! Some greet their husbands, some greet their children. Some mothers also
their son. Those who hug, cry, shed tears of joy. It’s like returning from a Yemen expedition.
Although not the return of war, but; he has a disease and health… He has a wife, he has
frost!. And the rumor of an epidemic spread. The plague is wreaking havoc. First, a fire
surrounds the body. Vomiting, inflammation, dizziness. Finally, the deliberation. There is no
salvation anymore. It takes people into a delirium. Three days at the earliest. The delirium
begins within seven days at the latest… The whole world that man has built disappears in an

instant. Longing for the lover, gifts received. Nice words to say. “I can’t be without you. You
are my Everything. I start the day with you. My night ends with you. You said we shouldn’t
waste time. However, the days passed like water. What a sound; what a breath Except for
the place in dreams.

However, we would start all over again with you. We said so. ”Life is so
short; I don’t want to waste any time to be with you”. You said this. Your warmth was in my
palms. Was it a secluded alley? Or were the lovers on their way? Only your eyes remain in
my memory. And the endless songs of the birds. How beautifully the sun had set. The

moment when the twilight turns into twilight. Was it the gradual disappearance of the
evening sun that was beautiful? Or was it the most beautiful moment when the twilight
turned into twilight happiness? Did your hair smell of spring? Or was it really spring days?

That’s it, dear. I am far from you now. I’m counting you. If only I could hold your hands again.
If your strands of hair touch my face. But what the hell!. You said you like to disappear from
the nooks and crannies. You suddenly disappear from my dreams. My hands are free. And
why is my mother’s hiccups? If only he could hold my outstretched hands! I’m on fire. I hum
the folk songs I know; In your absence, they bury Memet under a bush. They cover the
words to be said with their longing for their lover and mother. He takes the black earth to his
bosom. He was young… He had loved ones…